We can serve you in these settings:

  • Primary Care, Family Medicine, and Specialty Clinics specializing in meeting the health needs of seniors, and serving all ages
  • Physician services for Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facility residents at Main Street and select partner facilities


You’ll get the optimal diagnoses and treatment with our team approach.  No need to go elsewhere for a second opinion!  Our team of over fifty practitioners confers with each other to provide you with the best, most-informed care, from multiple perspectives.



Our comprehensive approach to wellness guarantees you an extraordinary experience!   

Main Street Physicians Care's broad array of health services, delivers the highest level of pro-active, patient care.

Here are a few of  the key differences you’ll benefit from:

  • We provide a continuum of care – From Home Care to Assisted Living to Hospice, we meet your every need at every stage, with a team of experts that knows what you need most now!
  • Our services are integrated – No more multiple phone calls!  With Pharmacy, Therapy, Medical Supplies, Rehab, Ambulance, and more, you save time and worry as we coordinate your care.
  • Our approach is holistic and proactive – You’ll be delighted with your care.  We’re not just going to address your medical issue, we’ll help you get better and stay healthy…and keep in touch with after your visit to monitor your health and wellbeing.
  • Our care is available to you wherever you are – When you're away from home, your doctor is not far away. With our statewide network of primary care offices and electronic health records, you can visit any of our many locations for the same personal healthcare you are used to. With our eVisit service, you can skip the office visit altogether and get the care you need no matter where you are.

Our Commitment to Comprehensive and Preventive Care Makes all the Difference

  • Wellness-focused ─ Personalized wellness plans and check-ups are part of the extra special care you can expect.  That means seeing you before there is a problem as well as when there is.  Scheduled follow up visits are vital to ensure that your health issues are thoroughly addressed.
  • Extra time ─ We encourage visits to help prevent minor issues from becoming emergencies.  As a resident in our facilities you can see a medical practitioner 2 to 3 times a week when needed, in the comfort of your own room…and keep your current doctors.  Enjoy the freedom of choice to see a doctor when and where is most convenient.  You’ll love knowing you’ll be seen in your room when a family member can’t give you a ride or your doctor isn’t available as soon as you need to be seen.
  • Proactive medication management ─ We keep your medications to the minimum and monitor for drug allergies, interactions, and side effects.
  • Online Patient Portal ─ Main Street Physicians Care electronic medical records are accessible to you and your family members so, when necessary, medical and family decision makers can communicate quickly and effectively about your status and healthcare options.  Learn more about it in this short video.
  • Our freestanding primary care practices – Are conveniently located across all of South Carolina. Find a doctor in your region.
  • eVisit – Never Visit a "Doc-in-a-Box" Clinic Again – Traveling?  Need to see a medical provider?  Don't look down aisle 9 at the drug store for a provider who has no medical history on you.  When you need medical attention for a non-life threatening health issue and can't access one of our locations, whether you are across town or anywhere in the world, access your Main Street Physicians Care practice on any computer through oureVisit virtual office visit. With eVisit, patients log-in on a computer and can describe their symptoms. An Main Street Physicians Care provider will review their symptoms, have access to the patient's medical history and then will provide appropriate treatment plans that may include prescribed medication. eVisit can prevent a costly trip to an urgent care or long wait at a walk-in clinic where your patient history is unknown. 


Give us a call or stop by.

Come in or call with your questions and concerns.  You’ll speak to a specialist who’ll find out just what you need. Visit one of our clinic locations.  Most insurances and Medicare accepted.